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No more Excel or paper forms. With ThinkLoud SUS you can put a number on your usability all within the same tool.

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System Usability ...what?

System Usability Scale has become the most commonly used method for measuring the usability of a system, software, website or app. SUS is designed to be very easy to use and is effective in both small and large scale user studies.

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“A quick and dirty way to measure usability”

– John Brooke, the creator of System Usability Scale


Set up

Set up your test with ThinkLoud SUS. The SUS questionnaire is automatically generated and can be customized to suit your needs.



When set up, you get a unique link to share with your test participants. Send it with email, share it in person or via social media.



Watch as new responses show up in real time in ThinkLoud. The SUS score and grade are calculated on the fly.

Developed for UX researchers and designers

System Usability Scale loves Usability testing

The result from a usability test presented together with a SUS score is powerful combination.

Use it when communicating your findings with management and stakeholders.

Take a closer look

What does the questionnaire look like?

The questionnaire is auto generated for you by ThinkLoud. Just share the link with your test participants. It's fast, easy to fill, can be customized to your needs and runs both on desktop and mobile.

Try the demo questionnaire

One tool. Everything included.

Any platform

Evaluate your website, app, service, or customize to any platform.

Auto generate questionnaires

The System Usability Scale questionnaire is auto generated. Running parallell projects? No problem, create as many as you need


Not just numbers. Your test results are beautifully visualized.

No more Excel

Move away from Excel and paper forms. Manage your tests digitally in the cloud.

Invite your team

Working in a team? No problem, invite your colleagues and share tests between you.

Calculate score and grade

The score and grade for your tests are calculated automatically for each response and averages are summarized.

Easily distribute

A sharable link is generated for each test. Send it with email, share it in person or via social media.

What People Are Saying About System Usability Scale

“I have been a huge fan of the SUS (System Usability Scale) for a number of years now and found it to be a powerful tool when communicating feedback on the usability of an interface. The SUS can be the tool that gives you super powers.”

How the SUS will turn you into a UX super hero

Chris Gray, Managing Director

“The SUS score is just one method of measurement within our toolkit, but using it alongside our core research practices, we’ve found it a worthy metric to track as we aim to not only build the right thing, but to build the thing right.”

Adopting the System Usability Scale

Tim Gale, Product Designer

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