System Usability Scale Questionnaire (PDF)

Want to get started with System Usability Scale, SUS? Download our pdf, print it and hand it out to your test participants.

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What is SUS?

The SUS, System Usability Scale is a way to measure the usability of a system. John Brooke first developed it in 1986. The SUS has become the most commonly used method for measuring the usability of a system, software, website, or app. The tool is designed to be very easy to use and effective in small and large-scale user studies.

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How to use the Questionnaire

Using the System Usability Scale questionnaire is easy. After conducting your user interview, usability test, or similar, hand out a printout of the PDF to the test participant. Let the participant fill out the questionnaire, and you can then calculate the SUS score.

Tired of Excel and paper forms?

ThinkLoud SUS is an easy-to-use tool for conducting SUS tests. Set up your test, measure, and analyze all within the same tool.

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